is being clever getting 11 A* at GCSE and 4 A* at Alevel, doing a degree, masters and PhD in Maths

or is it being good with people?

or being able to fix a car

or being humble?

or being self-disciplined

the answer ‘all of the above’ is not allowed



just so true

Honest Definitions

  1. Heroic, crime fighting fruits and vegetables
  2. Horrendous marketing failure

Usage Example: “Blueberries are a Superfood… Let’s eat them.”

Background: In 2003, Dr. Oz called a group of outcast fruits and vegetables to his secret lair, deep within a dormant volcano in Iceland. These fruits and vegetables were not incredibly popular, but in the mind of Dr. Oz, they possessed super powers. At this Superfood Summit, he commissioned the Superfoods to fight crime and defend truth and justice.

Each newly minted Superfood was issued a cape, mask and tights. They were then dispatched to the far corners of the earth. Among them were: blueberry, kale, spinach and broccoli.

Dr. Oz then began a global marketing campaign, spreading the word about this new group of Superfoods. From the outset, his campaign was a disaster. In a bizarre turn of events, instead of assisting the Superfoods in fighting evil, people decided to eat…

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a thought on racism

this really annoys me,  she fails to distinguish between personal aspirations and societal issues:

i would like to believe that 9 times out of 10 i am race/ sexuality/ gender (and whatever other distinguishers you want to invent), but i know that i am race aware more than height aware, for instance

but i dont believe that everyone else is: i dont think the policeman who killed michael brown was colour blind (OBVIOUSLY!!). why would i?

if i dont care whether someone is black white blue or green, it doesnt mean i assume others do

what marina might be getting at is the idea that being colour blind is naive; but i dont think that’s such a bad thing: it was naive for rosa parks to believe that the bus incident would solve racism, but in a way it did. not the incident itself, but the provocation of a changed attitude.

so be niave, have an opinion and dont reject the idea of progressive thinking just because others dont think the same as you

Feminist Friday: Empowering or objectifying?

Sleeping on the Roof

I’ve often wondered how to tell if something is objectifying women or empowering them. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between the two. I recently came across this article for Everyday Feminism called, “How Can You Tell if You’re Being Sexually Empowered or Objectified? Ask Yourself This Simple Question“. The verdict? It all hinges on who has the power in any given situation. The article is mainly comprised of a short comic explaining the difference between objectification and empowerment. I’d encourage you all to read it and let me know what you think in the comments.

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