a thought on racism

this really annoys me,  she fails to distinguish between personal aspirations and societal issues:

i would like to believe that 9 times out of 10 i am race/ sexuality/ gender (and whatever other distinguishers you want to invent), but i know that i am race aware more than height aware, for instance

but i dont believe that everyone else is: i dont think the policeman who killed michael brown was colour blind (OBVIOUSLY!!). why would i?

if i dont care whether someone is black white blue or green, it doesnt mean i assume others do

what marina might be getting at is the idea that being colour blind is naive; but i dont think that’s such a bad thing: it was naive for rosa parks to believe that the bus incident would solve racism, but in a way it did. not the incident itself, but the provocation of a changed attitude.

so be niave, have an opinion and dont reject the idea of progressive thinking just because others dont think the same as you


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