You Can Buy Eva Braun’s Nazi Panties For $7,500

just why? why so much? why would just want to have them?
i think this suggests that we are quietly, secretly obsessed with the nazis

Round Two

In the market for a nice pair of 84-year-old, salmon-colored silk panties with an “EB” monogram at the top that were once owned and presumably worn by Adolf Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun? If you’re one of the maybe four people on the planet who answered yes, just head on down to the Mantiques store outside of Toledo, OH. Though they’re Nazi most stylish panties around, they are a piece of history.

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Caitlyn Jenner’s Mom Esther: ‘I Still Have to Call Him Bruce’

this slightly annoys me but im sure theres more to it than revealed here

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Esther Jenner has spoken out about daughter Caitlyn Jenner‘s groundbreaking Vanity Faircover , saying, “I still have to call him Bruce. His father and I named him that. It’s going to be a struggle for me to get used to the change, but happily so…I’m very happy for him—or her.”

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Last of the Latex

Brotherly Love

Today’s watercolor experiment:


I used the last drip of liquid latex on today’s composition. After dripping, I shook, tilted and jarred the paper without regard to design.

Watercolor : Abstract - Stage 1, Latex Resist Abstract 060115 Stage 1 – Latex Resist

Next, I splattered the same pigments I used yesterday: opera rose, cobalt turquoise and lemon yellow. I wanted to see how the wet drops would combine.

Watercolor: Abstract - Stage 2, Latex Resist and Splatter Abstract – Stage 2, Latex Resist and Splatter

For the next stage, I mixed pairs of the primary palette to obtain the secondary colors, orange and purple. I painted them over the latex resist pattern. Here, the composition takes on a cross hatched look.

Abstract 060115 - Stage 3, Latex Resist, Splatter and Mixed Colors Abstract 060115 – Stage 3, Latex Resist, Splatter and Secondary Colors

I intended to lay in some muted tones in the corners, so I chose Moonglow, (a Daniel Smith pigment consisting of viridian (PG18), ultramarine blue (PB29) and anthraquinold red (PR177)). I was surprised to find that…

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Research Links Impulsivity and Binge Eating

plus ca change

Cooking with Kathy Man

Do you get impulsive when you’re upset? If so, this could be putting you at risk for binge eating.

According to Kelly Klump, professor of psychology at Michigan State University and senior author, the more impulsive you are, the more likely it is you’ll binge eat when experiencing negative feelings.

‘It’s human nature to want to turn to something for comfort after a bad day, but what our research found is that the tendency to act rashly when faced with negative emotions is a personality trait that can lead to binge eating,’ Klump said.

Binge eating — the uncontrollable consumption of a large amount of food in a short period of time — doesn’t just happen because someone’s had a rotten day, it’s tied to how impulsive you are.

Klump and her team interviewed 612 female twins, of which 14 percent had binge eating, overeating (consumption of a large amount…

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